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Study Abroad UK: Chichester College Group

You can learn about British culture by participating in campus life, making friends, and keeping up with your studies while enjoying a different country and its culture. Our immersive programmes are ideal if you want to progress to a UK university or continue your academic studies in your home country. Use the report you secure to show your next academic destination why you deserve a place with them.

Immersive Study Programmes in England

Our mission is to change lives through learning. The world is increasingly competitive, and getting into education and work means investing in yourself. Consider study abroad programs in England with CCG. Chichester College Group is a leading group of seven colleges based in England (United Kingdom). Our study abroad programs in England are designed to set you on the path to success.

Every year, students worldwide apply for a student visa, jump onto planes and head over the water to England for Study Abroad UK and English language programmes. Why?

  • We welcome diversity and can offer a top-notch education in a safe and secure environment.
  • We take great pride in the quality of education we provide.
  • Our colleges offer a wide range of courses and facilities.
  • We cater to international students' diverse needs from around the world.
  • While with us, you can easily explore the UK and take in the Tower of London, Big Ben, and many other iconic attractions.

Studying in England at Chichester College Group is the ideal match for students starting their first international study experience. We offer financial aid for exceptional students and those facing hardship. We believe that a good education provides an advantage, so, with the rising cost of living, we aim to keep our prices competitive while compromising quality.

Many countries have adopted our Education system. British A-Levels remain the gold standard for entry into leading British universities and employment. We have a dedicated English Language School at our Chichester Campus, perfect for those who want to learn and grow their English language skills. 

Our various colleges also offer a variety of business courses, higher education courses, and vocational subjects for students wishing to gain international experience while studying in England. Our academic year starts in September. Our Worthing College is a popular choice for students wanting to learn AS-Levels.

Design for students who want to keep up with their academic studies while learning alongside British students in the UK. Study for one term or a semester (September to February or January to May). Start in September or January.
Study alongside students at the high school level. It is ideal for students who wish to experience academic life in the UK. Study 3 A-levels plus EFL and sports for one term, 1.5 terms or two terms.
Our study Abroad programme provides an immersive learning experience for students wishing to improve their English while studying alongside British students and with the pressure of having to do exams.

At CCG, we ensure that our students not only gain international experience but are also cared for and have a great time with us. We have 30 years of experience catering to international students' diverse needs. We provide extensive support and care to ensure an enjoyable time with us. We encourage students with disabilities and specialist requirements to enquire about studying with us. Our dedicated International team is on hand to ensure your stay with us is an unforgettable experience.

England is home to a multicultural population. Here at CCG, we take great pride in welcoming students from diverse backgrounds across the globe. We believe our domestic British students benefit from making friends with students worldwide.

Join us for your gap year

Our academic year starts in September, or perhaps you want to join us for a term or two? No problem. We offer flexible courses and programmes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can join our English Language School at any time, and for academic classes, you can join us in September or January.

Please talk to our admissions team, who will advise you on the best possible learning pathways to meet your needs.

We will strive to ensure that your stay with us is memorable. We know that you will be looking for a reputable educational establishment where you feel comfortable, safe, and given the space and support required to develop as an individual.

At CCG, we will help with your student visa application. Our support doesn't stop there; we also look after the well-being, nutrition, and health of our students by offering a wide range of enrichment and social activities

By providing a safe and nurturing environment, we ensure that you can learn, develop special friendships and make that all-important transition into university education or employment. Our focus is on providing a learning experience that builds confidence and self-esteem, improves their English skills and enriches their understanding of today's complex world.

We aim to equip you with the skills to compete and become a global citizen. Whether you want to progress to a prestigious university or enter into employment, we hope that by studying with us, you will gain confidence, progress with your academic studies, and make lasting friendships with people worldwide.

Trips and social activities available while studying in the UK
Pre-arrival, visa, travel and healthcare guidance.
Learning support, safeguarding, equality & diversity and pastoral care information
Sights, attractions and cities to visit while studying in the UK.