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Quality Independent Study Abroad in the UK.

Students can choose from an extensive range of subjects in A-Levels or Vocational qualifications. Each student will be given a timetable combining their chosen subjects with at least 6 hours of English language classes per week.

Join the Study Experience Abroad programme with UK and international students to gain valuable experience for further education and employment. The SEA programme will offer a stress-free year with no formal exams and qualifications, allowing you to study your favourite subjects and improve your English with additional English language classes without any pressure.

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As part of the SEA programme, you can choose from a wide range of subjects in A-Levels or Vocational courses. Students will have the opportunity to build up knowledge and gain experience during their time with us, so if this is the programme for you, get in touch!

Benefits of the Programme

  • Study alongside UK students.
  • A minimum of 6 hours of English classes with our international students.
  • Approximately 20 hours of tuition per week.
  • An exciting enrichment programme with optional excursions and evening activities.

Entry Requirements

  • For students aged 16+.
  • Join for 1, 1.5 or 2 terms.
  • Start dates will be available in September or January.
  • Courses are available at CEFR English levels B1-C2. However, different subjects will have different English level requirements (generally B1 for vocational and B2 for academic classes).
  • A portfolio may be required for acceptance into some courses.

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Subject Choices

Here is a list of courses that are available for students on the Study Experience Abroad (SEA) programme:

Study Year Subject Choices

Please select either ONE vocational subject shown in PINK or a maximum of TWO. A-level subjects shown GREEN   

 Creative Arts  Performing Art & Music Science & Maths Social Science Computing Sports Business Career Focussed
Film Studies Acting ♦ ♥ Biology* Psychology Computer Science Physical Education Business Travel & Tourism 
Media Studies Dance  ♦ ♥  Chemistry Sociology Computing Sport Economics Beauty Therapy
 Graphic Design Musical Theatre ♦ ♥ Physics History     Business Hospitality
Photography   Maths Geography       Engineering 
Fine Art   Further Maths √ Religious Studies        
Art & Design   Applied Medical Science   Politics         
Fashion & Textiles ♠ ♦   Criminology Applied Psychology        
Creative Media Production     Health & Social Care         


  • ♠  Additional costs apply for uniforms and kits for Travel and Tourism, Beauty Therapy, Hospitality, Engineering, and fashion and textiles.
  • ♦ Audition or portfolio required.
  • √ Must have a high level of Maths.
  • ♥ Drama & Theatre, Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance require a commitment to the whole year, attendance to all study units and after-class rehearsals.

 Please Note:

  • All options are subject to availability and timetabling constraints. Some subjects may require additional costs for materials.
  • Students will not be entered for national exams.
  • Some trips or events may require additional payment.

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