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Great places to visit near and around our Brighton campus!

Local Attractions in Brighton

 Brighton might not be as big as London, but it has a lot to offer and a beach! Brighton's seafront and iconic pier provide a great place to walk about; there are shops galore, and  "The Lanes" offer a wide range of quirky shops, vintage clothing, vinyl stores, eateries and coffee shops. That's not all; a lively live-music scene complements Brighton's diverse nightlife choices.

Royal Pavillion
Built as a residence for George, Prince of Wales, in 1787, the Royal Pavillion boasts unique Indian-inspired architecture. Take the time to visit; you can go inside or check out the beautiful grounds. In winter there is a skating rink.
The Lanes
When people refer to Lanes in Brighton, they are referring to either the North Lanes or South Lanes- a network of small streets and alleyways packed with antiques, market stalls, coffee shops and cafes.
North Laine
North Laine is a pedestrian-friendly area buzzing with unusual retailers, entertainment and places to eat and drink. Whether you like craft ale, tattoo parlours or gluten-free and vegan cafes- the North Lanes, situated next to our campus, has it all.
Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier welcomes millions of visitors every year. This structure is 1.3 miles long and is the longest pleasure pier in the world. Established in 1899, the Brighton Pier includes fairground rides, shops and places to eat.
Brighton i360
Brighton i360 stands an impressive 162 metres high and offers fantastic views of Brighton, the South Downs and the English Channel. Tickets cost £16.75 for young people aged 16-24.
Brighton Beach
Brighton beach is one of the UK's most famous. Dip in the water in summer or stroll the beach in winter. There are amusement rides, and places to eat and if people-watching is your thing you will definitely never get bored!
Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
Explore world-class art, design and history at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. From old masters to contemporary exhibitions, the museum offers an inspiring collection to get your creative juices fizzing.
Student Clubs & Bars
Brighton has a reputation as a party city. The city offers a wealth of bars, clubs and live music venues. Fat Poppdaddy's, Chalk, FOMO and Prym are popular with students. Check out the Green Door Store, Fountain Head and the Hobgoblin Bar for live music at keen prices.


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