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The United Kingdom, or the UK, consists of four nations, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and offers a wide variety of cities, green spaces and rich cultural heritage. Although diverse, the UK is not a large country, and therefore, getting around is easy, with good rail and road links.

We have put the following information together to help you get a taste of places to explore should you study in the UK. Please bear in mind that the information we have collected is only a fraction of the sights, cities and places to explore here. 


England is a fertile land with rich soils and abundant rivers and streams. England was once the centre of the worldwide Industrial Revolution and was, for many years, the most industrialized country in the world. London, England's capital is a thriving cultural melting pot and hub of political, cultural and economic wealth.

The country is a popular destination for tourists, is well known for its leading education system, and boasts some of the most reputable universities in the world.

Being an island, England is protected by seas that form a natural barrier, resulting in the country not being successfully invaded for the last 1,000 years.

Interesting facts about England:

  1. Sparkling wine was first invented in England. When Frenchman Dom Perignon started making Champagne, the process already existed in England, making the English the inventors of sparkling wine.
  2. Nearly 1 billion people around the world speak English. It is the world's most popular second language and is the "lingua franca" of business.
  3. An English scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, invented the internet as we know it today. Berners-Less invented the “WWW”, known as the World Wide Web.
  4. Queue jumping can be illegal in England. We all know that the English love to queue, but did you know that jumping the queue at London Transport ticket machines can land you with a fine of up to £1000!
  5. Birmingham is the UK's second-largest city, and over 30 places across the globe are named after it. There is also a crater named Birmingham on the Moon!


Wales is part of the United Kingdom and has just over three million people. With over 2,700 km of coastline, Wales is largely mountainous, with Snowdon being its highest peak.

Two-thirds of the Welsh people live in the south of Wales; Cardiff and Swansea are larger urban centres. Although most people speak English, Wales has its own language (Welsh).

Wales is renowned for Welsh choirs and is known as the "land of song", and rugby is considered an important part of Welsh culture.

Weird Fact: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobwlllllandysiliogogogoch is the name of a town in Wales and is the longest name of any town in the world.


Scotland is a country and one of the four nations of the United Kingdom. Located in the northern third of Great Britain, Scotland shares a border with England to the south and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Scotland has over 790 islands that can be found off the coast.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two biggest cities in Scotland; the Scottish people make up just under 10% of the UK population. Scotland has its own legal system, and its education system differs from England's. The Scottish people are fiercely proud of their identity and have a reputation for having a great sense of humour.

Fun Fact: The official animal of Scotland is the unicorn!

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a rolling green country known for its rich history and myths. Northern Ireland is home to the Giant's Causeway- a coastal spot where volcanic activity has shaped uniquely hexagonal rocks. Northern Ireland's people are friendly and welcoming. Northern Ireland's capital is Belfast, famously known for constructing the RMS Titanic ship.

The population of Northern Ireland is only 3% of the UK population, making it the least populated UK country after Scotland.

Fun Fact: The popular TV show Game of Thrones was mostly filmed in Northern Ireland. 

UK Cities to Visit

Please take advantage of your stay with us by taking the time out from your studies to explore some of Britain's popular cities.

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A seaside resort and home to our Brighton MET campus. Brighton is trendy, creative, and diverse and boasts a lovely seafront. It is a great place to watch people, shop, and to explore its thriving cultural scene.
Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and home to diverse things such as the Titanic and the filming of the Game of Thrones television programme. Situated in the Belfast Lough- the city offers plenty to do and makes for a good weekend break.
Bristol straddles the River Avon in the country's west and has a rich maritime history. It's a vibrant place, rich in culture, and perfect for checking out its wide array of street art, restaurants, and shops.
Edinburgh is an iconic and welcoming city and the capital of Scotland. Take in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Old Town and the famous Camera Obscura and World of Illusions.
The UK Capital is vibrant, historical, and cultural, with places and sights to see. London is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations- a "must-see" destination during your time with us.
Oxford's "Dreaming Spires" are well known worldwide as a place of history and learning. The city is rich with charm and fascinating architecture and offers the chance to see the prestigious University, museum and a city packed with old-world charm.
Spend the day in the historic naval city of Portsmouth—home to the British Navy museum, great shops, the historic port and the lively seafront.
The seaport of Southampton on the South Coast of Hampshire is a bustling city, famous for its ships and port, and offers a wide range of museums, theatres, cafes, and shops to explore.
Winchester City is located in Hampshire. The city is known for its towering cathedral and lies at the western end of the South Downs National Park on the River Itchen. Winchester was the first and former capital city of England.





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