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Accommodation Support Team

Our accommodation team works with other college departments to offer comfortable, affordable and safe accommodation options for international and UK resident students.

All accommodation staff play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of both on-site and homestay accommodation. Our dedicated team will provide support and advice during your stay with us.

Denise: Accommodation Manager
Denise has worked at Chichester college for many years and is passionate about ensuring that all students in our accommodation are looked after and kept safe at all times. At weekends Denise can be seen on the local surf on her paddleboard.
Cristina is your main point of contact for admissions and works in our Woodlands hall in the evenings. Not only does she speak Spanish, but she is also a great source of knowledge for everything relating to life at Chichester College.
Shaaron: Accommodation Supervisor
When she's not running around taking care of student needs Shaaron can be found in her office based at our Woodlands Hall. Shaaron is friendly, approachable and makes it her business to ensure that our student community is happy.
Mao: Japanese Student Support
Mao looks after our Japanese Students- providing support and guidance to the large contingent of Japanese students we welcome each year. Find her in the offices of our English School located in C Block
PJ: Westgate Supervisor
PJ is based at our Westgate Halls for students over the age of 18 and is a well known and respected member of the team. PJ ensure that students are happy and keeps a watchful eye over our residents.
Paul looks after our students in Westgate during the daytime. He is always on hand to help students. In his free time, Paul is an avid football fan (we won't say which team, you will have to ask him), that is, if he is not redecorating rooms!
Denise is one of our longest-serving staff and is a supervisor in Woodlands. Known for her good cheer and the deep care she takes for our younger students, Denise also looks after the Woodlands team.
Lisa heads up the Woodlands team and has been with the college for many years. The care Lisa extends to students goes beyond being a halls Supervisor- she is always available to help students- no matter the issue.
Tiff works in Woodlands during the afternoons and is known for her cheerful banter with our resident students. Find her in the reception when she not delivering meals and parcels to our students.
Charlie is what you might call a real character. He looks after the Woodlands students during the evening. His decorations of the common rooms and events such as Christmas and Halloween are the stuff of legend.
Barbara is a well-known personality around campus. When she is not looking after our students in Woodlands Halls, she takes care of the Chichester College reception. At weekends, she likes to escape in her camper van!
Beth is our homestay advisor, working with our students and lovely local hosts to ensure our accommodation meets your expectations. She is also a singer and a full-time Mum!
Peta is one of our Woodlands supervisors and looks after our 16-17-year-old residents. You can find her at the Woodlands reception in the evening.

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