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CCGi Portfolio of Education Services

We pride ourselves on providing exemplary service in the provision of international skills solutions. As a leading UK academic solutions provider, we provide a range of services to partners, local governments and employers across the globe.

A partnership with us offers educational institutions, and public and private bodies the opportunity to play a major part in upskilling their workforce or in improving the lives of the communities they serve. Individuals can also enhance their employability skills and/or gain valuable expertise in their field. 

We have extensive expertise, knowledge and passion in the development, delivery and assessment of technical and vocational education skills around the world. As a leading Further Education College Group, CCGi is well placed to draw on and share our expertise with partners around the world in sharing best practice from the UK's well-developed and globally credible vocational skills training and education management to the International educational community.

Our commitment is to "change lives through learning". We do this with passion, professionalism and integrity. 

We support private and public training organisations internationally to develop sustainable skills solutions to meet the emerging needs of employers and academic institutions in a rapidly changing world.

Our aim is to create educational partnerships to deliver tomorrow's innovative skills and training programmes today. Across a wide range of industry specialisms, with a track record of success in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas - Chichester College Group International aspires to be your educational partner of choice.

Educational Services

As one of the largest educational groups in the UK, we offer a wide variety of educational services. Our services consist of vocational, academic and bespoke programmes that are tailored to partners around the world.

Ofsted Outstanding Chichester College Group offers bespoke, experiential and residential programmes for English and vocational teachers from around the world.
Global skills solutions from a leading UK Ofsted Outstanding Further Education Group. At Chichester College Group International, we change lives through learning.
Anglia Examinations is a wholly owned subsidiary of CCG and is a leading exam board for English as a foreign or second language- delivering exams in over 40 countries.
International vocational skills solutions. We share best practices and partner with employers and educational institutions to craft sustainable skills interventions.
Ofsted outstanding First Step Nurseries schools are a wholly owned subsidiary of CCG available for franchise and support for kindergarten partners worldwide.

About Our Subsidiaries

Anglia Examinations:anglia logo150x150px

This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chichester College Group. Anglia Exams is an English Language Examination board for learners of English as a foreign language. Every year we administer and award thousands of English language exams. Our higher-level exams are awarded by AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group and are OFQUAL accredited.

First Steps Nurseries: 

Chichester College Group owns and operates several childcare nurseries that are OFSTED outstanding. We work with partners in overseas territories to help raise the standards of nursery school education and to provide a franchise service where the First Steps brands and systems can be used and licensed for approved partners.  

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