AS-Levels at Worthing
Internationally recognised Level 3 Qualifications

AS-Levels at Worthing College

A-levels are internationally recognised as the ‘Gold Standard’ qualification for universities in the UK. At Worthing College, you can choose to study a fully two year A-Level or study for one year and achieve an AS-Level qualification.

AS-Levels are popular with international students as they can achieve a full level 3 qualification within a year. You can study various courses from Drama to Law; there is something for everyone.

What is a UK AS-Level Qualification?

An AS-level (Advanced Subsidiary level) qualification is a UK educational certification typically taken by students aged 16 to 18, usually in the first year of a two-year A-level program. It is essentially the first half of an A-level course designed to provide a solid foundation in the subject matter, but it can also be studied as a stand-alone qualification.

AS levels were initially introduced to broaden the subjects a student could study post-16. Still, in recent educational structures, they primarily serve as the midway checkpoint of full A-level courses. When taken as part of the full A-level, the AS level contributes to half of the content and assessment of the complete A-level qualification. However, the exact contribution can vary, as reforms in recent years have led some A-levels to be structured such that the AS-level exams do not count towards the final A-level grades, making the A-level a linear qualification assessed at the end of two years.

Despite these changes, completing an AS level still provides valuable qualifications and UCAS points (used for university admissions in the UK). It also gives students a firm grounding in their chosen subjects, which benefits those continuing to the full A-level. It is also a helpful option for students wishing to demonstrate breadth in their studies by completing additional subjects at the AS level without committing to the full A-level in those subjects.

UK AS Levels on Offer at Worthing College

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