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Chichester College A-LevelsUnlock Your Future with A-Levels at Chichester College – Your Gateway to Global Universities.

A-Levels are advanced-level qualifications internationally recognised for university entrance by all universities in the UK and recognised in many other countries, including the USA and Australia. Many schools and colleges in the UK, including Wales and Northern Ireland, offer A-levels. A good idea when thinking of a school is to check its OFSTED report to see the quality of tuition provided.  Our International students typically stay with us for two years and study up to three A-Level subjects. 

We recommend students choose their A-levels carefully when considering international schools.

When selecting your A-levels, consider your interests and future career choices and carefully research the higher education institution you are considering. Your A-level results and final grade will give you UCAS points, which are taken into account for UK University entry requirements. Our International Admissions team and Progression Plus team are available to offer you career advice.

Example A-level Pathways:

Please check with our admissions team to ensure the subject you are interested in is available.

  • Creative Pathway: Choose three subjects: Art and Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Media Studies, Film Studies, and Drama and Theatre Studies.
  • Social Science & Humanities Pathway: Choose three subjects: psychology, applied psychology, sociology, history, geography, religious studies, criminology, and physical education.
  • Science & Engineering Pathway: Choose three subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medical Science, Maths, Further Maths, and Computer Science.
  • Business Pathway: Choose three subjects: Business, Economics, Accounting, Law, and Politics.
  • Media & Journalism Pathway: Choose three subjects from Media Studies, Film Studies, English Language, English Literature and English Language and Literature.

Dive into the fascinating world of life sciences with A-Level Biology at Chichester College. This comprehensive course covers essential topics such as genetics, ecology, and human biology. Benefit from hands-on lab work, expert instruction, and state-of-the-art facilities to develop critical analytical and research skills.
Elevate your business acumen with A-Level Business Studies. This comprehensive program covers critical areas such as marketing, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. Gain valuable insights into the business world and develop critical thinking and strategic planning skills.
Unlock the mysteries of matter with A-level chemistry at Chichester College. Through hands-on experiments and expert guidance, you will gain a deep understanding of chemical principles, preparing you for a future in science, medicine, or engineering.
Master the digital world with A-Level Computer Science at Chichester College. Gain essential skills in programming, systems analysis, and computational thinking, setting a solid foundation for a future in technology and innovation.
Explore the intriguing world of crime and justice with the 1-year course in Criminology at Chichester College. Develop a comprehensive understanding of criminal behaviour, law enforcement, and the justice system, preparing you for a career in criminology or related fields.
Ready to delve into the fascinating world of economics and understand the forces that shape our society? Chichester College offers a comprehensive A-level economics course to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this dynamic field.
Enhance your communication skills with the A-Level English Language course at Chichester College. Ideal for international students, this course provides in-depth linguistic analysis and practical applications to prepare you for global opportunities.
Immerse yourself in the world of literature with the A-Level English Literature course at Chichester College. Perfect for international students, this course develops critical reading and analytical skills through the study of diverse literary texts.
Dive into the fascinating world of A-level Psychology at Chichester College in the UK! Explore the human mind and behaviour with skilled tutors and a comprehensive curriculum. Start your journey toward a career in psychology or related fields today!
Unlock your artistic potential with the A-Level Art and Design course at Chichester College. Explore various artistic disciplines, refine your skills with expert tutors, and build a professional portfolio.
Unlock your potential with the AQA A-Level in Graphic Design at Chichester College. Develop cutting-edge design skills and create a professional portfolio with hands-on projects and industry-standard software training.
Immerse yourself in the film world with the AQA A-Level Film Studies at Chichester College. Analyse iconic movies, explore film theory and history and create cinematic projects. Perfect for aspiring filmmakers and critics.
Unlock your creativity with A-Level Fine Art at Chichester College! Dive into a world of artistic exploration and develop your unique style under expert guidance.
Dive deeper into the world of advanced mathematics with our A-Level Further Mathematics course. Perfect for those passionate about numbers and equations, this course covers complex topics such as matrices, differential equations, and vector geometry.
Our A-Level Geography course explores physical and human geography, emphasizing the interaction between humans and the environment. Prepare for higher education and careers in environmental science, urban planning, and related fields.
Discover the UK A-level Photography course at Chichester College, designed for international students passionate about photography. This course offers comprehensive training in digital and traditional techniques, image manipulation, and critical analysis.
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