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Discover a Haven in West Sussex: Shops Chichester & City Centre

Welcome to Chichester, a charming city nestled in the heart of West Sussex, UK. This historic city blends culture, history, and natural beauty, offering a unique experience for all visitors.

Explore the city's rich history, where ancient Roman walls stand as a testament to its past. Wander through the picturesque shopping streets, where independent shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries line East Steet. Here, you can find vintage clothing, high-street brands like John Lewis, and various unique items. The city's vibrant arts scene is also worth exploring, with renowned institutions like the Pallant House Gallery showcasing modern and contemporary art.

History enthusiasts will find Chichester Cathedral a magnificent architectural marvel. Nearby attractions such as Fishbourne Roman Palace provide insight into the region's fascinating heritage. Nature lovers will enjoy the serene landscapes of Chichester Harbour, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Whether you're seeking cultural immersion at the Chichester Festival Theatre, outdoor exploration at the Weald and Download Museum, or a tranquil retreat, Chichester beckons with its myriad attractions and timeless allure. 

Experience the Charm of Chichester City Centre

Chichester, surrounded by Roman walls dating back almost 2000 years, is a historic city set in the beautiful county of West Sussex. It was a significant settlement during Anglo-Saxon times and is home to a monumental cathedral dating from the 12th century.

Chichester boasts impressive theatres, art galleries, coastal attractions, and a vibrant student community from the local university. The city, fondly referred to as “Chi” by locals, offers amenities such as railway stations, medical and hospital services, museums, and various shops.

Exploring Chichester: A Guide to its Shopping Streets and  Community

Chichester is a picturesque city with friendly people. Its charm stems from elegant Georgian buildings lining the streets. The four main streets (North, East, South, and West Streets) meet at the landmark of the Market Cross. East Street, one of the main shopping streets, is pedestrianised and filled with outdoor cafes and restaurants, perfect for soaking up the atmosphere in the summer.

The city offers ample shopping facilities, including independent shops in the city centre. It is also home to the famous Novium Museum, with impressive exhibits and artefacts dating back thousands of years. Chichester is a popular tourist destination known for its safe and friendly community, featuring a large student population from Chichester College and the University of Chichester.

Visitors can enjoy the wealth of green parks and public gardens, perfect for picnics, walks or photography. The local countryside is stunning and much loved by visitors and residents alike. There are many sights and places to explore around Chichester, with regular bus and train connections to local towns, beaches and cities further away.

Chichester is a small city full of history, beautiful sights and green open spaces. Below are some places you can explore while studying at Chichester College as an international student.

Chichester City is historic, safe, friendly and within easy reach of London and Brighton. Chichester has welcomed international students for many years and has lots to offer students seeking a safe place to learn and explore.
Chichester's historic and iconic Cathedral is visible from miles around and is only a short walk from our Chichester campus.
The Novium Museum holds a wealth of local history and archaeological artefacts from Roman times and earlier eras.
Visit the UK's largest remains of a Roman Villa featuring the most extensive collection of mosaics in the UK. Fishbourne Roman Palace is the largest Roman residence known north of the Alps.
Chichester's Pallant House Gallery is a leading art gallery featuring famous works of art by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and other well-known artists. A perfect place to visit for aspiring artists- it is within easy walking distance of our Chichester campus.
Take a walk or hire a row boat to explore the scenic Chichester Ship Canal. You can also go on a canal boat ride which makes for a relaxing afternoon while you enjoy the surrounding nature.
Just a short walk from Chichester College- Bishops Palace Garden is a tranquil garden next to the cathedral. It's a great place to escape to, take a walk, picnic, read or get away from it all for a while without leaving the heart of Chichester.
Arundel is rich in history. With its castle, boating lake, wetlands centre and charming town centres- there is plenty to explore. Catch the train there or join one of our trips.

Key Facts

Population: 27, 795 (2011 Census)
London: 1 hour, 42 minutes. There are approximately 34 trains per day
Brighton: 1 hour, about 42 trains per day
Heathrow Airport: 1 hour 30 minutes. We can arrange taxis to and from Heathrow. See Taxi information.
Gatwick Airport: 1 hour and 2 minutes. We can arrange taxis to collect and take students to Gatwick. See Taxi Information

Natural Splendour

West Wittering Beach, Arundel Castle, Kingly Vale, and Fishbourne Roman Palace are all within easy reach of our college. Choose our summer school and take advantage of the chance to experience these natural splendours, historical sites, and more.

The Goodwood Estate
Goodwood is perfect for those who enjoy a mixture of English heritage and motorsports all in one area. Take a trip back in time with the Festival of Speed or go for afternoon tea at the Goodwood Estate, home to the Duke of Richmond and Gordon.
Bosham is a coastal village only 2 miles west of Chichester with a harbour and tidal inlet. It has been occupied since the Roman Times. Bosham is tranquil and scenic- perfect for walking, photography or just sitting and taking in the views.
Bognor Regis is a seaside resort only 6 miles from Chichester. Originally a fishing village, Bognor is a famous seaside town. Stroll on the Pier, play some Crazy Golf on the seafront or visit the local museum.
Arundel is overflowing with historic locations, buildings and beautiful landscapes, and it is like something out of a fairytale book. Arundel is known for its tremendous castle and cathedral, which overlooks the picturesque town.
Halnaker Windmill is an iconic landmark in West Sussex and provides excellent views of the coast and local farmland.
Take in the ancient yew trees and enjoy spectacular views from Kingley Vale- a National Nature Reserve owned by Natural England. The reserve includes well-preserved archaeological sites.
It is a perfect spot to picnic and take in the views. The City of Chichester and the Chichester Harbour can all be seen from this high point only a few miles from Chichester Centre.
Brimming with rich heritage and natural beauty, West Dean Gardens is the ideal place to enjoy nature, walk and explore impressive gardens including an impressive collection of working Victorian Glasshouses. The tearoom is first class!

Hidden Histories

Chichester’s history spans the Roman, Viking, Saxon, and Norman eras. You can see it today through its 11th-century cathedral, historical monuments, and Roman architecture.

Art & Culture

Chichester offers a wealth of galleries, playhouses, and a dynamic social scene. It is also home to many unique attractions, such as the Goodwood House and Racecourse, Tangmere Aviation Museum, and much more!

Chichester combines a safe, thriving urban centre with the rural splendour of West Sussex. Chichester College is a short ten-minute walk from the city centre and a similar distance from the Train Station, where you can explore the rest of the  UK.

Shops Chichester

Chichester town centre offers a vibrant mix of high-street brands and speciality stores. Essential shops include Marks & Spencer for quality clothing and groceries, Next for stylish fashion and home decor, TK Maxx for clothing bargains, Boots, and Superdrug for health and beauty needs. H&M provides trendy and affordable clothing, while WHSmith and Waterstones cater to book and stationery enthusiasts.  The Body Shop offers luxury items and ethical beauty products. FatFace presents unique fashion styles. That's just for starters. Before you consider that, Chichester has a lot of coffee shops and restaurants. This diverse array of shops makes Chichester a fantastic shopping destination.

Enhancing the International Student Experience in Chichester

Transportation and Accessibility

Navigating Chichester is easy. The city is small, so walking is the best form of transport within the centre. Chichester has a well-connected public transport system. Buses and trains run frequently, and students can benefit from discounts. Major airports like Heathrow and Gatwick are accessible via train. Locally, bike rentals, taxis, and ride-sharing apps are popular options.

Student Life and Community

Engage with student organisations, clubs, and societies at Chichester College. Attend local events, festivals, and student activities to immerse in the community.

Practical Information

The international team will help you access healthcare services by registering with a GP and understanding NHS procedures. We will also help you open a bank account quickly and manage your finances with budgeting tips tailored for international students.

Accommodation Tips

Explore various housing options, from dormitories to homestay accommodation.

Social and Recreational Activities

Discover Chichester’s attractions, including parks, museums, and historical sites. Join gyms and sports clubs to stay active and meet new people. Make sure you participate in our enrichment activity calendar of events!

Cultural Adjustment

Adapt to UK culture with tips on local customs and making the most of your stay. Improve English language skills through our Chichester English Language School courses and enrichment activities.



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