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Student Well-being: Safe, Supportive and Here to Help

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Being away from home can be challenging and takes some getting used to. There may be times when you feel low, anxious or unwell. Regardless of your problem, our student support team can help you.

Remember that all Chichester College Group staff at our Colleges can help and support you. Our commitment is to "change lives through learning", so no matter how big or small the issue, please do not hesitate to approach a staff member for help.

We are proud of the excellent student support services provided before your arrival and during your time at the college. We provide comprehensive welfare and support for all our students.

College nurses are available on-site for all students; we have a dedicated team of counsellors, and our accommodation teams, teachers and staff are all committed to your well-being.

Well-being support plans are organised by the College nurses, in conjunction with the accommodation staff, to ensure the best possible support is provided.

We have a dedicated International Student Support Officer who works with our international students across our Colleges in case they have any concerns or questions about their courses.

Our student support services for international students include the following:

Additional Learning Support
We believe that no student should be disadvantaged and that all students should be treated fairly. By working with our Additional support team, we can develop specific support to help you on your learning journey.
If you or anyone you know is at risk of harm, please get in touch with our safeguarding team, who are here to help you. All college staff are trained in safeguarding and dedicated to keeping all our students safe.
Our British values include respecting and valuing all individuals, meaning we aim to make sure whoever is working or studying with us is made to feel respected and welcome.
Careers Advice
We aim to help you achieve your potential. Our Progression+ team is on hand to provide guidance and support with the course and career progression and applications to universities.
We understand the significance of caring for our student's physical and mental health. We have student support and nurses on-site; all international students can access doctors and healthcare support.
We provide a range of enrichment activities to help ensure that we help students develop their social skills in addition to their academic studies.

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