Pre-Arrival Information
Everything you need to know before joining us

Pre-Arrival Information for Students

We encourage every student considering studying in the UK to do careful research. Moving to another country can come with challenges; check our Guide to Studying Abroad blog post, and please read through our Pre-Arrival section below.

This section will provide all the relevant information to help you plan your study abroad journey before arriving in the UK. Check out all the links on this page, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with our team today.

Our Pre-Arrival guide will support you on your new journey and answer any questions about coming to the UK.
Information on your obligations, EFL courses, attendance, behaviour, booking changes, refunds and cancellations before and after arrival can be found here.
Read through our travel information section to help prepare yourself for any travel requirements. Whether you are coming by train, plane or ferry, we have everything to help you on your journey.
We understand the significance of caring for our student's physical and mental health. We have student support and nurses on-site; all international students can access doctors, our international support support officers and healthcare support.
British Values
Our British values are there to protect and serve the students and staff while at any of our colleges. These values encourage students and staff to unite as one community and respect one another as individuals from different backgrounds.
We are determined to change lives through learning, and we do this through the work of our colleges and commercial businesses, including Anglia Examinations. Our policies support this mission and can all be found here.
Student Behaviour

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