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Student Information

Follow the quick links below for information about studying at Chichester College Group as an International Student.

We hope this information helps you make an informed decision about choosing to study with the Chichester College Group.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with our team.

Apply for a visa to study in the UK if you are 16 years or older. You are required to have an official offer from an educational provider to study in the UK and have financial aid to support yourself. You also need to be able to speak, read, write and understand English.
We encourage students to inform themselves of important travel and arrival information before leaving their homes. Read our pre-arrival guide to find out about travel arrangements, our student well-being and support and other useful information to consider before arrival in the UK.
We offer a limited number of scholarships available for exceptional international students or those facing difficult circumstances. You must submit a written statement supporting your application when you apply to study with us.
We understand the global pandemic has created challenging conditions for those who want to travel to study. However, we strive to keep our college community safe at all times. Find out about precautions we take, the current risk status and quarantine information.
We understand the significance of caring for our student's physical and mental health. We have student support and nurses on-site, and all international students have access to doctors and healthcare support.
Stay on-site in one of our halls at Chichester College, or choose to stay with a British host at either Chichester or Worthing Colleges. We provide secure, safe and comfortable accommodation so that you can study and enjoy your time with us.
Take advantage of your visit to the UK by exploring popular British locations with your newly made friends or on one of our social excursions. There is plenty to explore in the UK, from big cities like London to popular theme parks such as Thorpe Park!
The south of England offers a wide variety of local sights and activities. Whether your interest is in history, culture, nature or outdoor exercise there's a wealth of places for you to visit during your stay with us.
We arrange social events for our International students, and there are many other festivals, events and excursions to experience during your stay with us. Please get involved and make the most of your time with us!
Student FAQs
Coming soon! Please read through our FAQ section to find information to answer your questions about studying with us in the UK.


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