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Pastoral Support & Healthcare for International Students

The health and well-being of our students is our key priority during their stay at one of our colleges. We register all international students with a local doctor's surgery and have dedicated college nursing staff to care for the needs of students who feel sick or unwell.

We recognise the importance of mental health. Our pastoral care specialists meet with all international students each term to ensure that they are making positive progress and feel supported during their studies.

Working alongside our trained and supportive accommodation teams, we have a dedicated student support practitioner, our International Student Support Officer (ISSO), responsible for offering direct support and coordinating student information to provide appropriate support to all our international students living in college accommodation. We support the student journey from application to departure.

Pastoral Support Induction

This is usually delivered face-to-face by the ISSO during the first week a student is in class. However, if a student has to quarantine, they will receive a video call in their first week to be introduced to the ISSO. Then they will be sent a video presentation to outline how pastoral support is delivered. All International students receive a contact card detailing support staff during their first week at our colleges.

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality of our students are checked daily, and weekly monitoring meetings between academic, accommodation and pastoral teams occur to ensure students are attending classes. If students fail to meet expectations, they will be invited to a one-to-one meeting with their International Student Support Officer to discuss the reasons. This may lead to a target-setting process known as the referral system, or it may lead to additional support being offered to the student. 

Sickness Linked to Attendance

Absences explained by emails reporting that a student is unwell will be picked up by the ISSO, who will initiate communication with teaching, accommodation and healthcare teams. This will lead to the appropriate support being sourced and offered to the student.

Signposting to appropriate support groups or services

Students may contact the International Student Support Officer for advice and guidance about any matter they need support with. They will be given supportive advice and directed to the correct team to handle the matter appropriately.

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International students and the halls of residence have two safeguarding officers whose primary focus is the care of accommodation students. These are:

  • Eleanor Fisk (International Student Support Officer -ISSO)
  • Denise Moon (Group Accommodation Manager)
  • A different team of safeguarding officers is responsible for specific campuses, with at least one on call 24/7.


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