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BA (Hons) Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre course is perfect for you if you aim to become a versatile, creative, technical and individual performer.

UCAS code: W392
Duration: 3 years full-time

Entry requirements: 2 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent) plus a portfolio of work or audition to demonstrate ability in the specialist area.
1 A-Level, a Foundation course (or equivalent) and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent) plus a portfolio of work or audition to demonstrate ability in the specialist area.
English requirements: Applicants who have English as a second language and do not have a GCSE in English will be asked to present an IELTS UKVI certificate or equivalent as part of their offer conditions. They will need to achieve an overall score of 6.0, with 6.0 in the writing element and 5.5 in all other sub-elements.
Tuition Fee: £16,500

The assessment of your application will include a review of your grades, interview, portfolio/audition and any experience.

BA musical TheatreCourse Information

Course Content

Course Content

Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to engage in the study and practice of both traditional and innovative areas of musical performance.

Session and workshop opportunities include:

  • Specialised vocal technique training      
  • Acting and dance techniques
  • Music theory
  • Choral singing
  • Audition practice
  • Portfolio development
  • Choreography and acting through song

You will have many performance opportunities influenced by your long-term goals and interests, ranging from agent showcases at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe to dance exhibitions.

Past students have recorded voiceovers, supported music artists as backing dancers and singers, and participated in theatrical modelling (including special effects makeup) and catwalk events.

Teaching Method

Teaching Method

We use a variety of teaching methods, including: 

  • practical and creative studio-based workshops
  • discussions
  • lectures/seminars
  • tutorials
  • small group study
  • self-directed study
  • study trips

Key Features

Key Features

  • You will be supported and led by lecturers who are experts in their field.
  • Visiting lecturers/workshops from performers, directors and choreographers working in the industry.
  • Eleven rehearsal studios, five with sprung dance floors and mirrors.
  • Professional-standard theatre with industry-level equipment.
  • Collaboration with makeup, costume and technical theatre students.
  • Alumni are working in West End and UK touring shows, TV and film, and for many of the leading cruise ship companies

Course Structure

Year One

Primarily Musical Theatre students work independently on the first two units introducing you to appropriate specialist working practices and developing your skills and knowledge within your specialist field. You will be streamed by technical understanding/ability and prior experience in dance to provide the most appropriate and targeted training for each student.
This streaming will include the Dance and Musical Theatre students at Levels 4, 5 and 6. It is in these initial units that you will be introduced to the Personalised Skills Development Plan (PSDP). This forms a platform for self-analysis and reflection and provides you with the opportunity to analyse your current skill set, identify strengths and weaknesses and construct action plans to enhance and assist you in your development.
You will be expected to regularly refer, reflect and update your plan throughout all three years of study. Your plan will initially start out as a document which we expect will develop into a folder of research, self-analysis and action plans over the entirety of the course.
Unit 2 combines students on different pathways to contextualise their subject within the wider umbrella of the creative industries. Mixing the students here allows for more open and colourful discussion from a variety of standpoints.
Units 4 and 5 run alongside students from Technical Theatre Production, Costume, Hair & Makeup, Props and Production Design. You will work collaboratively to realise a performance in a theatre environment. Collaboration here includes putting into practice the technical skills built in previous units. An example of this would be Musical theatre students, developing their vocal technique, and being ready to gain experience using Radio mics. Alongside this, Technical Theatre students have been learning how to facilitate this and are now ready to experiment with this in practice.
Unit 6, the final unit of Level 4, returns to predominantly working independently of other pathways in order to spend time honing technical skills and specialist performance attributes. The streamed technical dance classes with the Dance students will continue to run throughout this unit.

Unit 1: The Musical Theatre Student
Unit 2: Ideas in Context: Performance and Everyday Life
Unit 3: The Performer
Unit 4: The Rehearsal Process
Unit 5: Live Project 1
Unit 6: Technical Focus

Year Two

Level 5 Musical Theatre students work independently on the first unit ‘ The Resilient Performer’ where you will be focusing on self-reflection and analysis, taking creative risks and building strength and resilience.
The following four units are collaboratively achieved allowing you to incorporate these new-found skills in an interdisciplinary working environment.

The ‘Optionality’ unit allows you to work autonomously and independently in cross-discipline pathways. With limited guidance from teaching staff, you can develop and create your own project in line with a series of differing briefs. The opportunities that open up within this unit when disciplines mix are limitless.
‘Live Project 2’ This unit involves you collaborating with the Stage Management and Technical Theatre, Hair and Make-up, Costume, Production Design and Props students to realise a full-scale musical. This project simulates industry with student heads of department for each production discipline and the production being driven by a student production manager supported by Staff.
‘Critical Thinking’ is the Level 5 equivalent of ‘Ideas in Context’. Contextualising to a higher academic level working with students from all courses within the Creative Industries pathways. This unit prepares you for the Level 6 study equivalent which is the Dissertation.
‘External Performance Project’ is another opportunity for you to work across disciplines to support each other in the creation and realisation of a show in an external space.

Unit 7: The Resilient Performer
Unit 8: Creative Collaboration
Unit 9: Live Project 2
Unit 10: Ideas in Context: Theatre and Performance Ideologies
Unit 11: External Performance Project

Year Three

Musical Theatre students work across disciplines for all four units to varying degrees. This year focuses on creating new work, exploring, challenging and interrogating your subject and preparing you for the industry.

Unit 12: The Skilled Performer
Unit 13: Professional Development
Unit 14: Dissertation
Unit 15: The Musical Theatre Practitioner -This final project will be a culmination of your student journey across the three years and is a two-project module. Both projects should mirror current industry practices and protocols for their format.