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BA (Hons) Hair & Makeup Degree for Theatre & Media

hair and makeup degree at Northbrook CollegeTransform Creativity into Masterpieces: Pursue a BA (Hons) in Makeup & Hair for Theatre & Media at Northbrook College. This innovative course has been devised in response to the industry's demand for practical training in makeup and hairdressing techniques.


Course Overview

  • Location: Northbrook College, Worthing, West Sussex, England
  • UCAS code: W452
  • Duration: 3 years full-time
  • Application deadline: 15 July 2024
  • Start date: September 2024
  • Fees: £16,500

Entry requirements

2 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent)
1 A-Level, a Foundation course (or equivalent) and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent)

A portfolio of work or audition is also needed to demonstrate ability in the specialist area.

Contact us to compare overseas qualifications to the UK education system

English language requirements

IELTS certificate or equivalent with an overall score of 6.0, with 6.0 in the writing element and 5.5 in all other sub-elements.

The assessment of your application will include a review of your grades, interview, portfolio/audition and any experience.

Course Information

Master the art of hair and makeup transformation, sculpt classic elegance for the stage, breathe life into cutting-edge fashion editorials, and bring cinematic special effects to life.

Theatre Makeup degree

Course Content

Course Content

The course offers unique collaborative opportunities across our Creative Industries department. It enables you to practice and showcase your artistry in many live settings and provides access to a range of resources, such as photography studios and live theatre.

This specialist course carefully balances academic study with skill and craft development. You will be taught by industry professionals and gain practical experience through workshops, productions and opportunities to work in industry.

Students have gained work experience on various high-profile theatre, film and TV sets, including BBC and major West End productions.

Teaching Method

Teaching Method

We use a variety of teaching methods, including: 

  • practical and creative studio-based workshops
  • discussions
  • lectures/seminars
  • tutorials
  • small group study
  • self-directed study
  • study trips

Key Features

Key Features

  • Experienced specialists with expertise, skill and insider knowledge run this course.
  • Unique collaborative opportunities with the Creative Industries department.
  • Develop varied skills in hair, makeup, postiche making, wig making, and special-effects makeup, building a rich portfolio that will prepare you for a dynamic career or postgraduate study.
  • Regular workshops and showcase productions enable students to develop their skills to professional standards.

Course Structure

Year One

Year One

The first year will immerse you in the professional world, equipping you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to thrive. You'll begin by exploring safe and professional practices while delving into current debates shaping creative industries. This foundation will empower you to research and critically analyze makeup and hair practices, developing a keen eye for detail.

As you progress, you'll refine your practical skills, mastering the nuances of makeup and hair for theatre, television, fashion, editorial, and social media. This journey will be complemented by a fascinating exploration of history, where you'll learn techniques from ancient civilizations to the 19th century and even get your hands on special effects makeup.

The year culminates in a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow students from other disciplines, mirroring real-world projects. This experience will hone your technical skills and professionalism and help you discover your artistic voice within a collaborative environment. Finally, you'll explore makeup and hair traditions globally, learning techniques from the 19th to the 20th centuries. This exploration will culminate in an individual project where you'll design a final image based on a specific theme, putting all your newfound skills to the test.

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Makeup and Hair
  • Unit 2: Ideas in Context: Performance and Everyday Life
  • Unit 3: Development of Hair & Makeup Techniques
  • Unit 4: Makeup and Hair, within History and Cultures
  • Unit 5: Live Project 1
  • Unit 6: Character Creation and Development

Year Two

Year Two

The second year dives straight into the world of cutting-edge trends with Body Painting and Avant-Garde hairstyling. Students will learn from industry experts and then get hands-on creating their artistic designs, pushing the boundaries of makeup and hair.

Next, they'll delve into the rich history of 20th-century hair and makeup, focusing on the distinct styles that defined each decade from the 1940s to the 1980s. Students will learn how to recreate these iconic looks and explore the products used during those times and how they compare to what's available today.

Building on the skills acquired in the first year, students will participate in a live project, collaborating with students from other disciplines on a real-world event. This provides an invaluable opportunity to put their newfound knowledge to the test in a professional setting, honing their technical skills, teamwork, and communication abilities.

Students will explore research methods and presentation techniques to develop their creative and critical thinking skills further. This newfound knowledge will then be applied to a self-directed research project, allowing them to delve deeper into a topic that piques their artistic curiosity.

The year culminates in a project unit where students unleash their creativity by developing their projects externally. This project can be tackled individually or collaboratively, which can take the form of a performance, a show, or a piece of media. Throughout this process, students will receive guidance and support from their instructors, ensuring they confidently take ownership of their artistic development and push their practice in a direction that excites them, paving the way for their specialization in the third year.

  • Unit 7: Body Painting & Avant-Garde Hair
  • Unit 8: 20th Century Hair and Makeup
  • Unit 9: Live Project 2
  • Unit 10: Ideas in Context: Theatre and Performance Ideologies
  • Unit 11: Fantasy Character Design and Special Makeup FX

Year Three

Year Three

The third year of the BA program is all about preparing you for a successful career in Hair and Makeup. You'll delve deeper into wig making, learning professional techniques for maintaining, repairing, and adapting wigs for long-lasting use. There's also a strong focus on helping you become industry-ready. Workshops will equip you with self-promotion, portfolio-building, and entrepreneurial skills. To solidify your knowledge, you'll conduct in-depth research and write a critical analysis on a chosen topic in costume design.

The real star of the year is your final project. This is your chance to shine as a Hair and Makeup Artist by creating a self-directed project that showcases your talents. You'll also collaborate with classmates on sustainable projects, learning to develop and bring creative ideas to life as a team. By the end of this year, you'll be a well-rounded professional with the skills and experience to launch your career in Hair and Makeup.

  • Unit 12: Hair, Wig and Postiche
  • Unit 13: Professional Development
  • Unit 14: Dissertation
  • Unit 15: MakeUp and Hair Practitioner
  • Unit 16: Collaborative Practices