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English Language Teacher Training

Chichester College Group has an enviable reputation as a vocational and adult education leader. As one of the UK’s leading Further Education colleges, we constantly invest in staff development and training.

Through our dedicated English Language School and seven colleges serving over 35,000 students annually, we can offer bespoke teacher training, quality assurance and assessment training services across various disciplines. 

Our services

Teacher Best Practice Workshops:

One or two-week course aimed at refreshing and raising the standards of your teaching staff. We offer both online and residential programmes.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language:

These two-week courses allow teachers to acquire new skills and take away many teaching ideas. Share best practices with teachers worldwide, improve your English and reflect on your teaching practice.

Your programme can accommodate excursions and trips to UK attractions and local sights, allowing for a complete cultural experience. Participants will take an Anglia English Language placement test before arriving, 

  • Option 1 – Prepare for Anglia’s CITE (Certificate for International Teachers of English). These exams provide teacher certification for English teachers, who may or may not have any other English teaching qualifications, and allow them to obtain recognition for their English language teaching skills.
  • Option 2 – Attend additional EFL classes – for those who wish to improve their English further.

Week of Masterclass Workshops

The teaching world is changing fast, and, as experts in our field, we need to change with the times. Our one and two-day workshops provide valuable continuous professional development for teachers wishing to stay at the forefront of their careers.

  • Icebreakers workshop: Icebreakers often set the tone at the beginning of a class; they promote team building and positive interactions. At the end of this session, you will increase your skillset to apply to tasks in your practice.
  • Writing skills workshop: Writing is often avoided or considered a waste of time in class. In this session, you will learn how to make in-class writing ‘active’ and ‘dynamic’ to support your learners’ higher level of understanding.
  • Receptive skills workshop: Reading – You will decode the different elements in promoting reading skills to support better learning outcomes in this session.
  • CLIL methodology in Brighton workshop: Participants will gain insights into the theory of CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning. Participants can apply CLIL methodology to a real example in Brighton.
  • Preparing for the observation session: Participants will focus on making the most of their classroom observations. Learn different elements of classroom management, teaching methods, and tasks.
  • Classroom observations:  Participants will observe a variety of lessons, learners and classroom settings.
  • Using new technologies in the classroom workshop: Participants will increase the use and effectiveness of educational technology.
  • Language test and teacher training test options: Participants can add value to their experience by taking one of our Anglia examinations - General English, Business English or Teaching Certificate (CITE.)
  • Reflections on observations: Participants experience what it is to be a learner. An opportunity to reflect and then present on the excellent practice observed in lessons attended. Work together to develop tools to enhance your class behaviour management skills.
  • Access to Materials: Participants receive access and training on using our virtual learning environment and have free access to EFL activities and content for three months.
  • Trips and social activities: A welcome dinner, social events during the week, and a farewell tea ceremony

Participants will have the opportunity to visit national attractions such as London, Oxford and Brighton as part of their programme.


At CCG, we offer a wide range of comfortable, safe and affordable accommodation options for British and international students. Our accommodation team closely monitors all accommodation and arranges social activities. Our college and residential housing are also subject to regular quality checks by external bodies.


Upon successful completion of the course, Chichester College Group will provide the following:

  • A certificate of participation
  • An Oxford test
  • EFL test
  • Or a CITE certificate (depending on the option chosen)

What can I gain from studying at CCG?

Choose Chichester College Group for a fresh perspective on self-development and benefit from:

  • Skills solutions delivered by qualified teacher staff with great experience and who are committed to excellence.
  • Educational short courses to cover a wide range of sector and industry specialisms.
  • English language online resources and teacher training.
  • English as a foreign language skills enablement, including examination services delivered by our subsidiary Anglia Examinations.
  • Early years and kindergarten consultancy services include franchise services such as First Steps.

Please get in touch for more information.

Summer School Residential

Join us at our Chichester campus and experience the historic City of Chichester,local attractions and the scenic South Coast of England. We have developed what we hope you will agree is a diverse and exciting programme of activities.

Our students will spend time building relationships with fellow students worldwide, developing their English skills and experiencing various activities and trips.

Teacher Group Bookings

At CCG, we can offer Teacher Group bookings, perfect for businesses that want their team to grow and develop new skills together.

  • Include practical shadowing in live classrooms.
  • Include Anglia CITE Exam
  • Infil into EFL classes
  • Afternoon- teaching masterclasses

Please get in touch about our group bookings.





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