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Transform Your Future with a UAL Accredited BA Bachelor of Arts DegreeUAL accredited degree in the creative arts at Northbrook College

Northbrook College, part of the Chichester College Group, offers an exceptional range of creative arts degrees fully accredited by the University of the Arts London (UAL). Our programs are designed to nurture your creativity, develop your skills, and prepare you for a successful career in the arts.


Creative arts degrees at Northbrook College are Accredited by the University of Arts London (UAL).

Why Choose Northbrook College?

Exceptional Accreditation:

Our degrees are accredited by UAL, a leading authority in arts education known for nurturing creativity and innovation.

Diverse BA Programs:

 Our Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs include Fine Arts, Design, Performing Arts, and Media. These programs are crafted to cater to your specific area of study and artistic passion.

Full-Time Commitment:

Engage in full-time courses that immerse you in an intensive, hands-on learning environment, ensuring you gain the practical experience needed for the real world.

Learn from industry experts and acclaimed artists who bring real-world experience and insights into the classroom.

Comprehensive Education:

Beyond the creative arts, we offer a holistic education that includes liberal arts, social science, and human resources. This broad approach ensures you have a well-rounded academic foundation.

Pathways to Success:

Our degrees open doors to various career paths, including social work, human resources, and other fields that benefit from a creative and analytical skill set.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our campus has modern studios, theatres, and media labs to provide hands-on experience and foster creative growth.

Strong Industry Connections:

Benefit from our extensive network of industry partners, internships, and job placement opportunities that can jumpstart your career.

Value for Money:

Compare our prices to those of our competitors, and you will find that as a not-for-profit educational institution, we offer great value for money. Northbrook College is rated as "Ofsted Outstanding" by Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills). Not only do we offer reasonable prices, we also have an excellent track record for the care of our students. Our campus is close to the sea, in the friendly town of Worthing, and offers better value accommodation and better living costs than large cities like Manchester or London.

Our Degree Programmes at Northbrook College

  • Fine Arts: Explore painting, sculpture, and mixed media and develop a comprehensive portfolio that showcases your unique artistic voice.
  • Design: Explore graphic design, fashion design, and interior design, mastering both traditional and digital techniques to create innovative projects.
  • Performing Arts: Gain professional training in acting, dance, and musical theatre, preparing you for a vibrant career on stage or screen.
  • Media: Learn the latest in film production, photography, and digital media, equipping you with the skills to excel in a fast-evolving industry.

Initially founded in 1912, our reputation for creative arts expertise has flourished. Northbrook College graduates have been celebrated at the Oscars, BAFTA’s, London Fashion Week and more. We are proud of our heritage, but the future is happening now... that’s where you come in.

Take your creative spirit to the next level and choose one of our eight Theatre arts degrees. Study at our Northbrook College in Worthing and benefit from a world-class degree programme accredited by University Arts London (UAL)
As one of the popular university destinations for international students, UK art schools offer concentrated programmes to help unlock your creativity. We will help equip you with the skills to compete in the international creative arts industry.
Discover a creative learning environment in which musical theory and technique are only the beginning. Embrace boundary-pushing innovative experiences where collaboration is nurtured and taught by industry-led educators,

Admission Requirements

Enrolling in our BA programs requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Our admissions team is here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Student Success Stories

Our alumni have achieved remarkable success in their fields, from exhibiting in renowned galleries to performing on international stages and working with top design firms. Join our community and become part of a legacy of excellence.

Northbrook is in the seaside town of Worthing, just a short train ride from the City of Brighton.
Northbrook College, in Worthing, is home to our creative arts degree programmes.
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