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Business Pathway Course

Our OCN International Business Access Coursee provides an effective means of gaining the points required to be admitted to UK-based or international universities. The course provides an advanced insight into business and is an ideal pathway to further Higher Education studies in business, marketing, commerce, or economics. 

This course will help prepare you for studying and/or employment abroad. This Level 3 course includes additional English Language lessons tailored to teach relevant technical terminology in today’s international business world. 

The qualification is designed to be studied full-time within one academic year. The qualification is taught online for the first half of the course, followed by face-to-face lectures, tutorials, activities and seminars for the second half (in the UK).

A Course Designed for the Business Leaders of Tomorrow.

Embark on a transformative journey towards academic and professional success with our comprehensive business course to equip you with the essential skills for the modern world.

Embark on an exhilarating journey of global business exploration with our cutting-edge International Business Study Course. It is designed for ambitious young entrepreneurs and individuals aspiring to excel in commerce. Whether you're a budding startup enthusiast or eager to further your academic pursuits, our innovative program offers a dynamic blend of practical skills and academic rigour to propel you towards success.

International Business Course Features

Dive deep into Study and Communication Skills, where you'll master the art of effective note-taking, refine your essay writing prowess, and navigate the vast sea of information with finesse. Elevate your understanding of Business Communication and Information Management, honing your ability to articulate ideas cogently and manage data efficiently.

Prepare for the rigours of higher education by mastering Management and Leadership techniques and discover the keys to self-motivation and effective time management that will propel you to excellence.

Delve into Mathematics, focusing on its practical applications in business settings, ensuring you can confidently tackle complex challenges.

Broaden your horizons with Culture Studies, fostering cross-cultural awareness essential in today's globalized landscape, all while grasping the impact of digitization on contemporary society. Gain a foundational understanding of business principles, marketing practices, accounting, and economics, empowering you with vital knowledge to thrive in diverse professional environments.

Navigate the intricacies of Business Compliance & Legislation, ensuring ethical and legal integrity in your entrepreneurial endeavours. Sharpen your linguistic prowess with English Language Skills tailored for academic and professional contexts, enabling seamless communication in any setting.

Unlock the secrets of effective marketing strategies, mastering the art of promoting products and services while navigating competitive market landscapes.

With an eye towards the future, explore the intersection of Information Technology and business systems, delving into the fundamentals of AI and its transformative potential. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, aspiring executive, or simply eager to expand your intellectual horizons, our business course offers a comprehensive toolkit for success in today's dynamic world. Enrol now and unlock your full potential!

Delivery Model:

  • Stage 1:  (First six months. Option of home-based online learning). Study at Chichester College or online from the comfort of your home using our online learning resources. Participate in weekly online seminars with other students from around the world.
  • Stage 2 (Second six months. College-based study in the UK). Join us at Chichester College in England for 21 hours of study per week. During your time with us, you will prepare and deliver a Final Major Project, which will be assessed.

Assessment Criteria:

This 60-credit course is achieved via submitting assignments for which you will be graded and receive detailed feedback.

Entry Requirements

You will be hungry to succeed, have ambition and be determined to work hard. This course is aimed at self-motivated learners who want to succeed and gain a competitive edge. Ideally, you will want to set up your own business, move into the family business, or progress onto further education in business, commerce, economics or marketing for this to be the right course.

  • Age: You must be 17+ to be accepted onto the course.
  • Qualifications: You will have completed secondary education in an appropriate range of subjects.
  • Application Process: Successful interview with a college officer.
  • English Language Ability: Achievement of the UKVI SELT exam (overall CEFR B1 Level) from an approved test centre with no element below B1.

You will need to attend an interview with our Director of Studies and give a ten-minute presentation on why you would like to be a part of this course.

Class Size:

Class sizes are limited to 16 students.

Core Units

  • Study and Communication Skills: To equip you with the essential study skills to succeed at university. You will learn about note-taking and Essay Writing and how to findi and read Information.
  • Business Communication and Information Management
  • Preparation for Higher Education: Learn the skills required to achieve at the university level. 
  • Management and Leadership:  Motivation in the Working Environment. How to motivate yourself and others and manage your time effectively.
  • Mathematics: Including Business maths.
  • Culture Studies: Gain awareness and understanding of other cultures alongside the impact of a digitised world.
  • Introduction to Business: An introduction to a business's purpose, types and organisation. Gain familiarity with a range of business concepts, including basic marketing practices.
  • Introduction to Accounting and Economics: Introduces the key principles of accounting and economics. Explore market structures and monetary policy and how to produce simple financial statements.
  • Foundation Mathematics: Increase your knowledge of mathematics whilst learning new topics across a range of academic disciplines and for your future career
  • Developing English Language Skills
  • Business Compliance & Legislation:  Understand what is required to stay on the right side of the law when conducting business.
  • Advanced English Language Skills
  • Introduction to Marketing: Marketing your product or service effectively and taking it to market. Understanding competition in the marketplace.
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Information Technology:  Business systems and an introduction to AI


Our Business Access Course costs £12,500 for the year. Payable in two instalments:

  • Stage 1: £7000 (payable one month before your course starts)
  • Stage 2: £5,500 (Payable one month before you come to the UK for your second six months of study.


We have two intakes a year: Start in January or September.


A limited number of scholarships of £2,250 per student will be awarded based on the interview and the student’s academic results.

We welcome students from around the world.

Every year, we welcome students from countries worldwide, such as Holland, Vietnam, China, Japan, the Gulf States and even the Falkland Islands. If you have particular needs or require help in finding out if this is the best course for you please speak to our admissions team.

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