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AS-Levels for International Students

Through our vast experience in education, we can offer British AS-Level programmes to international students. As an Ofsted 'Outstanding' provider, you can be confident that in choosing to study with us you are choosing a highly reputable education provider.

Studying AS-Levels at Chichester College Group will provide the support, activities and enrichment to support your journey toward higher education or employment.

Our AS-Level programme is flexible and tailored to your needs. You can join our programme at various times throughout the academic year and study for one year (AS-Levels at Worthing College) or two years (at Worthing College or Chichester College).

The admissions team can guide you in making an informed decision when choosing courses to benefit you during your educational journey. Alongside our support team, we can provide you with tutors to assist you throughout your studies.

Many courses have different entry requirements, so please contact us before applying. 

Our Chichester English Language School (CELS) is available for those requiring additional support with their English.

Advanced level qualifications or A-Levels are subject-based qualifications. An AS-Level qualification marks the first year of an A-Level course and is a Level 3 qualification in its own right.

What is an AS-Level?

An AS-Level is simply the first year of a full A-Level. You study a subject for a year and can achieve an AS-Level qualification.

An AS-Level is a Level 3 qualification, meaning you will be eligible for a student visa with UKVI. If you decide to continue an AS subject into your A2 year, you must extend your course further for the full A-Level qualification. Please note that you cannot apply to extend your visa from the UK; you will need to travel home to do this.

Does an AS-Level count as an A-level?

You will sit AS exams for your subject at the end of your first year, but AS marks cannot be banked towards your final A-Level grade under the new system in England. If you continue your studies into the following year, you will sit A2 exams which will count.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding the process and exams.

Can I do AS-Levels at Chichester College?

No.  Only Worthing College offers AS-Levels. You can study A-Levels at Chichester College, but they are delivered non-linearly, meaning you will study a mix of AS and A2 content throughout the two-year A-Level programme.

Don't worry, if you only want to study for one year, Worthing College has an excellent reputation and offers a wide choice of AS-Levels.





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