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With seven campuses spread across the South coast of England, 25,000 students and over 3,500 staff, we are passionate about education! We make every effort to ensure that our students are welcomed. Integrated, educated, entertained and looked after to the highest standard. Their care is our primary concern.

A-Level Geography Worthing College

Why Study Geography at A-Level?

Geography is a dynamic and interdisciplinary subject that bridges the natural and social sciences. Studying Geography at A-Level enables you to develop critical thinking, analytical, and research skills while gaining insights into the processes that shape our world. From understanding climate change to exploring urbanization and global inequalities, this course provides a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of our planet.

Course Structure

Our A-Level Geography course is structured to provide a thorough exploration of both physical and human geography, including:

  • Physical Geography:  Study the physical processes and features of the Earth, such as landscapes, weather systems, ecosystems, and natural hazards.
  • Human Geography:  Explore the human aspects, including population dynamics, urbanization, globalization, and cultural landscapes.
  • Geographical Skills:  Develop essential skills in data collection, analysis, interpretation, and geographical information systems (GIS).
  • Fieldwork: Participate in fieldwork opportunities to apply your knowledge in real-world settings, enhancing your practical and investigative skills.

Learning Approach

At Worthing College, we believe in an interactive and experiential approach to learning. Our experienced and passionate geography teachers use a variety of teaching methods, including:

  • Engaging Lessons:  Participate in interactive classes that encourage discussion, debate, and critical analysis of geographical issues.
  • Field Trips:  Gain hands-on experience through field trips that allow you to explore and investigate geographical phenomena firsthand.
  • Case Studies:  Analyse contemporary case studies to understand the real-world application of geographical theories and concepts.
  • Research Projects:  Undertake independent research projects that foster deeper understanding and critical thinking.


Assessment in A-Level Geography includes a combination of written examinations, coursework, and fieldwork reports. You will be evaluated on your understanding of geographical concepts, your ability to analyze data, and your skill in applying geographical knowledge to real-world situations.

Future Opportunities

An A-level in Geography opens up many career and educational opportunities. Whether you wish to pursue further studies in geography, environmental science, urban planning, or international development or aim for a career in conservation, disaster management, or geospatial analysis, our program provides a strong foundation for your future endeavours.


Join us at Worthing College and embark on a journey to explore the world from a geographical perspective. Our A-Level Geography course enhances your academic skills and prepares you to contribute meaningfully to a sustainable and equitable future. We look forward to guiding and supporting you in your geographical studies and helping you achieve your academic and career goals.

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Created Date: 05-19-2024
Last Updated Date: 05-19-2024

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