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The Chichester Ship Canal

The Chichester Ship Canal runs from the historic city of Chichester to Birdham Harbour. The canal starts from a basin near the Chichester railway station and provides a level and tranquil walk for 4 miles to the harbour.

Enjoy walking or cycling along the footpath as you take in the birdlife and nature, or if you fancy taking a trip down the canal, you can hire a canoe or take a boat trip.

In years gone by, this part of the canal was a section of the Portsmouth and Arundel's Canal and was used to transport gold bullion from the port of Portsmouth to the bank of England in London.

The canal was also the transport line for building materials and coal for Chichester. However, the canal has not been used commercially since the 1840s. Activities today include canoe and paddleboarding, model boating, walking, rowing and fishing.

Location: CHICHESTER CANAL CENTRE, Canal Basin, Canal Wharf, Chichester, PO19 8DT

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