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Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens

Fishbourne Roman Palace was once a grand Roman residence and presumably served as an early base for the conquest of Britain by the Romans. Fishbourne Roman Palace is by far the largest Roman residence known north of the Alps. Much of the palace has been excavated and preserved which includes the largest Roman mosaic exhibition in the UK.

The site was uncovered in 1805 during the construction of a new home but locals did not realise that a greater structure lay buried beneath the soil.

It wasn't until 1960 that further discovery was made during maintenance work. Further excavations in the 1990s unearth more of the ancient site, similar in size to Nero's Golden House in Rome. At about 500 feet (150 m) square, it has a larger footprint than Buckingham Palace.

Visitors can expect to see original mosaics and a Roman garden replanted with plants from the Roman period when visiting the palace. Perfect for those who would like to use their free time to explore Chichester's rich history.

Location: Roman Way, Chichester PO19 3

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