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Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Chichester. This iconic building dominates the City of Chichester and features Norman and Gothic styles and architectural innovations, unique among the UK medieval cathedrals.

One of which is this Cathedral has a free-standing bell tower, and another is the double aisle interior. The Cathedral is a short walk from Chichester College and lies on the intersection of the two main streets of Chichester, which the Romans first laid out.

The Cathedral as it stands today was consecrated in 1008, replacing the previous Cathedral on the same site back in 681. In 1187, a fire destroyed the previous Cathedral and much of the town, so the current Cathedral was re-consecrated in 1199.

The Cathedral has many treasures, including carvings dating back to the 12th century and many modern art creations, including a window by Marc Chagall.

If you want peace, check out the Bishop's Palace Gardens, which can be found close to the Cathedral.

Fun fact about Chichester Cathedral!

Peregrine Falcons nest on the Cathedral, which can be seen via webcam and streamed on their very own Chichester Cathedral Peregrine falcon blog site

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