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Bosham Village & Quay

Bosham is a modest and pleasant village on one of Chichester Harbour's inlets. The Romans once occupied this quaint village adjacent to the Fishbourne Roman Palace site. During the 8th century, Bosham was Sussex's 6th most crucial town.

Fun Facts!

  • The Bosham Head, part of the largest Roman statue from Britain, was found nearby.
  • King Canute's daughter is buried in Bosham Church.
  • 1064 Kind Harold ll set sail from Bosham to negotiate with William of Normandy.

Bosham is a great place to visit if you are interested in learning about British history. Bosham is mentioned in the famous Bayeux tapestry, which references the Meeting of King Harold and Edward the Confessor in 1064.

Great for sailing, cycling, walking, birdwatching and photography, Bosham is a popular location. Pop into the Shoreside Café for a delicious coffee and bite to eat before taking a stroll.

Distance from Chichester College: 4.3 miles (6.9 km)

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