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chichester logoAQA L3 A Level in Art & Design, 3D Design

CCGi: Chichester College A-Level Courses Fine ArtThis A Level course focuses on 3D design, CAD, and rendering software, emphasizing creativity and individual expression. It requires 5 GCSEs, portfolio submission, and completion of the transition project. Assessed via portfolio, personal investigation, practical work, and a 3000-word essay. Costs include textbooks and art supplies. Prepares for creative arts, design, planning, or higher education careers. Scholarships are available. Below, download the course information sheet for the UK Level A-Level in Art & Design at Chichester College, part of the Chichester College Group.

chichester logobusiness studies a-levelExcel in Business: A-Level Business Studies at Chichester College

Embark on a comprehensive journey into commerce with A-Level Business Studies at Chichester College.

CCGi: Chichester College A-Level Courses Business StudiesThe Edexcel A-level Business Studies course covers business objectives, marketing, operations management, finance, human resources, and external influences on business. Students learn about business strategies, decision-making, and how businesses operate in various economic environments.

This course covers business principles, marketing, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. Students benefit from real-world case studies and expert instruction, developing critical thinking and strategic planning skills. Whether you're aspiring to be a business leader or entrepreneur or looking to further your education in business, this programme equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the dynamic business environment.

chichester logoA Level Computer ScienceA-Level in Computer Science

UK A Level in Computer ScienceDive into programming languages, algorithms, data structures, and system architectures. Explore the software engineering principles and the exciting artificial intelligence and cybersecurity world. Master the skills essential for today's digital age and unlock boundless opportunities in technology and innovation. This is a two-year Level 3 course. The study is conducted at Chichester College, part of the Chichester College Group.

chichester logoA Level Biology ChichesterUK A-Level Chichester: Biology

CCGi: Chichester College A-Level Courses BiologyBiology explores the wonders of life. Over these two years, you'll dive into the diverse world of living organisms and grasp the essential processes they all undergo. Topics range from the building blocks of cells to how mammals and plants function. You'll also explore specialised areas like microbiology and diseases. There is a significant focus on ecology, conservation, and evolution within the curriculum.

chichester logoUnlocking Minds: A-Level Psychology at Chichester College

CCGi: Chichester College A-Level Courses Psychology

Embark on a captivating exploration of the human mind with our A-Level Psychology course. Delve into the fascinating realms of cognition, behaviour, and mental processes as you unravel the complexities of the human psyche. From understanding memory and perception to exploring social psychology and abnormal behaviour, this course offers a comprehensive overview of the field. Chichester College is part of the Chichester College Group

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