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Reasons to choose CCG as your English Language School

Why We Think We're a Great Place to Study

Chichester English Language School is ranked as one of the best in the UK, but that isn't the only reason to choose us.

Learning a new language is exciting, and picking the right school is essential. Chichester English Language School is a great choice for anyone wanting to learn English. Here's why:

  1. Qualified Teachers: Chichester English Language School teachers are skilled at their work. They'll help you learn English at CEFR level A2 or C2. They'll take an interest in you and enable you to apply your learning.
  2. Fun Learning: Learning a new language can be scary, but it's fun at Chichester English Language School! You'll do cool activities and talk with friends while practising English. As long as you are 16 years or older, you will be made to feel welcome.
  3. Small Classes:  Unlike big schools where you might feel lost, our classes are small. Our maximum class size is 16. This means you get lots of attention from your teacher and make friends easily.
  4. Flexible Classes:  Whether you want to study a lot or just a little, we've got classes that fit your schedule. Choose from English 15 or English 21. You can choose from courses like business English or exam prep.
  5. British Culture:  When you study at Chichester English Language School, you don't just learn English. You also experience British culture by visiting cool places and meeting locals. Chichester is a friendly, easy-to-navigate city. Why study at a London English Language school when you can enjoy the beauty and history of Chichester?
  6. Outstanding Welfare: We take genuine care of our students. You will have access to our dedicated team, including our International Student Support Officer. You'll be on campus with 5,000 British students and be able to use all of our facilities. Choose from two restaurants, pick up some snacks in the shops, grab a coffee in Costa or stay fit in the gym (free). Which other language school can offer all that?
  7. Friendly Environment: When you arrive, you'll feel part of our family. Our staff and students are always ready to help you with anything.
  8. Lovely Grounds & Facilities: Our school has everything you need to study comfortably, like big classrooms and places to relax with friends.
  9. Activities Outside Class:  Learning English doesn't stop when class ends! We organise fun activities and trips so you can keep practising and make memories with new friends. Our social programme includes activities on campus and regular trips to exciting UK landmarks and cities.
  10. Global Opportunities: Speaking English opens doors to many cool opportunities worldwide. At Chichester English Language School, you'll learn skills that will help you succeed no matter where you go.

We think Chichester English Language School is a great place to learn English.  But then we might be biased! Check out our British Council and other reports. Compare our prices and quality with other schools- we hope you'll agree that we offer more excellent value for money. With passionate teachers, fun learning, outstanding student welfare and a supportive community, you'll reach your language goals and have a great time!

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