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BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Degree Course

musical theatre degree at Northbrook collegeShine on Stage: Achieve Excellence with a 3-year BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Course at Northbrook College.  Our musical theatre degree course is perfect if you aim to become a versatile, creative, technical and individual performer.


Northbrook College offers a comprehensive BA (Hons) Musical Theatre degree, perfect for aspiring musical theatre performers and those wishing to progress to various musical theatre specialisms. This programme covers multiple aspects of musical theatre production, including singing, acting, and dance styles. Students gain knowledge and understanding of the musical theatre industry through practical training and public performances.

Course Overview

  • Location: Northbrook College, Worthing, West Sussex, England
  • UCAS code: W392
  • Duration: 3 years full-time
  • Application deadline: 15 July 2024
  • Start date: September 2024
  • Tuition Fees: £16,500

Entry requirements

2 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent)
1 A-Level, a Foundation course and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent)

A portfolio of work or audition is also needed to demonstrate ability in the specialist area.

Contact us to get a free assessment of your qualifications for equivalency in the UK education system.

English language requirements

IELTS certificate or equivalent with an overall score of 6.0, 6.0 in the writing element and 5.5 in all other sub-elements.

Your application will be assessed based on your grades, interview, portfolio/audition, and any experience.

Course Highlights:

  • Musical Theatre Production: Learn the ins and outs of professional musical and physical theatre production.
  • Dance Styles:  Explore a range of dance styles to enhance your performance skills.
  • Wide Variety:  Engage in various musical theatre genres and styles.
  • Public Performances:  Participate in rehearsal and performance culminating in public performances to showcase your talents.
  • Industry Showcase:  Present your skills in an industry showcase, gaining exposure to professionals.
  • Singing Acting:  Develop your singing and acting abilities through specialized training.

Course Information

Ignite your passion for musical theatre and become a versatile, industry-ready performer by delving into its history, crafting fresh perspectives, and collaborating to push the boundaries of this dynamic art form!

BA musical Theatre

Course Content

Course Content

Master traditional techniques and explore cutting-edge approaches to musical performance. Refine your voice, movement, and musical knowledge through engaging workshops. Conquer auditions, build a stellar portfolio, and push performance boundaries with choreography and acting through song. Gain real-world experience through tailored opportunities, from prestigious showcases to captivating exhibitions. This program offers a variety of performance opportunities, from showcases at major festivals to dance exhibitions and theatrical modelling.

Teaching Method

Teaching Method

We use a variety of teaching methods, including: 

  • practical and creative studio-based workshops
  • discussions
  • lectures/seminars
  • tutorials
  • small group study
  • self-directed study
  • study trips

Key Features

Key Features

  • You will be supported and led by lecturers who are experts in their field.
  • Visiting lecturers/workshops from performers, directors and choreographers working in the industry.
  • Eleven rehearsal studios, five with sprung dance floors and mirrors.
  • Professional-standard theatre with industry-level equipment.
  • Collaboration with makeup, costume and technical theatre students.
  • Alumni are working in West End and UK touring shows, TV and film, and for many of the leading cruise ship companies

Course Structure

Year One

Year One

Musical Theatre students begin with independent work, developing technical skills and knowledge in their chosen field. Grouping based on technical understanding and prior dance experience ensures targeted training. This grouping applies to Dance and Musical Theatre students throughout the program.

Students will use the PSDP, a self-reflection tool, to assess skills, identify weaknesses, and create development plans. They will regularly review and update the PSDP throughout the program.

Students from different pathways will work together to explore how their subjects fit within the broader context of the creative industries. This interaction fosters open and diverse discussions, enriching the learning experience.

Students collaborate across disciplines on a theatre production, applying their technical skills. For example, Musical Theatre students might work on vocals with microphones while Technical Theatre students assist.

The program emphasizes independent work to further develop technical skills and specialist performance attributes. Dance classes continue throughout this phase.

  • Unit 1: The Musical Theatre Student
  • Unit 2: Ideas in Context: Performance and Everyday Life
  • Unit 3: The Performer
  • Unit 4: The Rehearsal Process
  • Unit 5: Live Project 1
  • Unit 6: Technical Focus

Year Two

Year Two

Level 5 Musical Theatre students work independently on the first unit, ‘ The Resilient Performer’, where you will focus on self-reflection and analysis, taking creative risks and building strength and resilience. The following four units are collaboratively achieved, allowing you to incorporate these new-found skills in an interdisciplinary working environment.

The ‘Optionality’ unit allows you to work autonomously and independently in cross-discipline pathways. With limited guidance from teaching staff, you can develop and create your project in line with a series of differing briefs. The opportunities that open up within this unit when disciplines mix are limitless.
‘Live Project 2’ This unit involves you collaborating with the Stage Management and Technical Theatre, Hair and Make-up, Costume, Production Design and Props students to realise a full-scale musical. This project simulates industry with student heads of department for each production discipline, and the production is driven by a student production manager supported by staff.
‘Critical Thinking’ is the Level 5 equivalent of ‘Ideas in Context’. By contextualising to a higher academic level and working with students from all courses within the Creative Industries pathways, this unit prepares you for the Level 6 study equivalent, the Dissertation. The ‘External Performance Project’ is another opportunity for you to work across disciplines and support each other in creating and realising a show in an external space.

  • Unit 7: The Resilient Performer
  • Unit 8: Creative Collaboration
  • Unit 9: Live Project 2
  • Unit 10: Ideas in Context: Theatre and Performance Ideologies
  • Unit 11: External Performance Project

Year Three

Year Three

Musical Theatre students work across disciplines for all four units to varying degrees. This year focuses on creating new work, exploring, challenging, interrogating your subject, and preparing you for the industry.

  • Unit 12: The Skilled Performer
  • Unit 13: Professional Development
  • Unit 14: Dissertation
  • Unit 15: The Musical Theatre Practitioner -This final project will culminate your student journey across the three years and is a two-project module. Both projects should mirror current industry practices and protocols for their format.