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Music Production Degree: BA (Hons) Music Production

music production degree at Northbrook CollegeTransform your passion for popular music into production excellence. Shape the Sound of Tomorrow.

UAL Accreditation: Our degrees are accredited by the University of the Arts London (UAL), a leading authority in arts education known for nurturing creativity and innovation.

If you enjoy music and sound and have the skills to succeed in a fast-paced music and recording industry, this could be the course for you. Our academic year starts in September.


Course Overview

  • Location: Northbrook College, Worthing, West Sussex, England
  • UCAS code: J931
  • Duration: 3 years full-time
  • Application deadline: 15 July 2024
  • Start date: September 2024
  • Fees: £16,500

Entry requirements

2 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent)
1 A-Level, a Foundation course and 3 GCSEs in other subjects grade 9-4 or A-C (or equivalent)

A portfolio of work or audition is also needed to demonstrate ability in the specialist area.

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English language requirements

IELTS certificate or equivalent with an overall score of 6.0, 6.0 in the writing element and 5.5 in all other sub-elements.

Your application will be assessed based on grades, interview, portfolio/audition, and experience.

Course Information

This hands-on program, taught by industry professionals, equips students with the skills to build successful careers in digital audio and music production.

BA Music Production

Course Content

Course Content

Launch your music career with industry pros in our unrivalled facilities, boasting 24 recording studios with the technical specs and acoustic performance to match the best commercial studios. Hone your production, recording, and programming skills alongside fellow music students, and gain experience in artist development through our program. You'll have the opportunity to grow as an artist, producer, composer, programmer, engineer, or any combination of these roles. Learn the latest production, recording, and performance techniques across a wide range of genres. Collaborate with fellow musicians, producers, and creative professionals from photography, media, graphic design, and more. Develop the essential skills you need to succeed in the music business, from track creation and mixing to mastering and live sound. Build your network with industry professionals through weekly visits and work experience opportunities.

Teaching Method

Teaching Method

We use a variety of teaching methods, including: 

  • practical and creative studio-based workshops
  • discussions
  • lectures/seminars
  • tutorials
  • small group study
  • self-directed study
  • study trips

Key Features

Key Features

  • Regular visits from current music industry experts.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with fellow students from a range of creative disciplines.
  • Extensive state-of-the-art facilities to rival top commercial studios
  • Professional software and plugins
  • Undertake work experience, event planning, and build your music industry network (subject to student visa regulations).

Course Structure

Year One

Year One

The first year immerses you in the world of music creation. You'll gain the technical skills to produce music, the knowledge to navigate the music industry, and the critical thinking tools to analyse and discuss music. You'll start by learning the technical aspects of using recording equipment, manipulating sound, and mixing audio. We'll then delve into the business side of music, helping you develop your songwriting skills, build your brand as an artist, and understand how to work with music industry professionals. In parallel, you'll develop critical thinking skills, learn how to research, analyse information, and develop strong arguments in writing and presentations. Finally, you'll culminate the year by applying your learnings to a Creative Music Project. This project allows you to create a unique piece of music or music-related project, showcasing your newly acquired skills and artistic vision.

  • Unit 1: Creative Studio and DAW Production 1
  • Unit 2: Artist Development
  • Unit 3: Ideas in Context: Why Music Matters
  • Unit 4: Creative Studio and DAW Production 2
  • Unit 5: Creative Studio and DAW Production 3
  • Unit 6: Music Project

Year Two

Year Two

Year 2 refines your mixing skills, explores artist development, and equips you for the music industry. You'll master advanced audio processing techniques, cultivate originality in your sound, and collaborate using industry-standard software. The program delves into production management, analyses successful music careers, and explores the ethical and social role of music.

Develop your critical thinking and presentation skills alongside research methods and writing techniques. Learn to debate music-related topics and grapple with critical theory.

The culminating Individual Project allows you to showcase your musical voice in a multitude of ways. Turn your creative vision into reality through a portfolio of recordings or a live performance showcasing advanced techniques. You could choose to manage an event or delve into the business side of music by marketing music products. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the project can be a launchpad for innovative plans that push the boundaries of the music industry.

  • Unit 7: Advanced Audio Processing
  • Unit 8: Innovation
  • Unit 9: Industry Briefs
  • Unit 10: Ideas in Context: Musicking
  • Unit 11: Individual Project

Year Three

Year Three

The third year prioritises professional skills development alongside the creation of a major creative project.

The curriculum delves into the world of collaboration, teaching you the intricacies of teamwork within creative projects. You'll gain proficiency in managing teams, setting goals and budgets, and navigating the challenges that arise in collaborative environments.

You'll also hone your research and writing skills. You'll delve into various research methodologies and critical thinking techniques to produce a dissertation that explores a topic of your choosing within the vast realm of music.

A dedicated course serves as a launchpad for your post-graduation career. By building a professional network and crafting a well-defined career plan, you'll be equipped to effectively showcase your skills and secure work opportunities. This component also explores various avenues for self-promotion, allowing you to refine your approach to finding commissions, sales, and contracts within the music industry.

Finally, the year culminates in a major project. This is your chance to synthesize everything you've learned and apply it to a substantial creative music production project. With high production values as the benchmark, you'll be challenged to adapt to both the freedom of creative exploration and the constraints of a strict deadline. The project itself can take various forms, from traditional recording to experimental or genre-based portfolios, or even soundscapes designed for use in media.

  • Unit 12: Collective Practice
  • Unit 13: Music Dissertation
  • Unit 14: Professional Practice
  • Unit 15: Major Project

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