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AS-Level Politics Course Outline at Worthing College

Course Overview

The AS-Level Politics course at Worthing College offers students a comprehensive introduction to politics, focusing on the political systems of the UK and the USA. This course aims to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of political concepts, institutions, and ideologies.

Course Aims

  • To understand the structure and functioning of political systems in the UK and the USA.
  • Analyse the role of political parties, pressure groups, and electoral systems.
  • To evaluate the principles and impacts of political ideologies.
  • To develop skills in critical thinking, debate, and essay writing.

Course Structure

The course is divided into two main components: UK Politics and US Politics. Each comprises several key topics. Each component will be covered in a term, with assessments at the end of each term.

Year 1 (AS-Level): UK Politics

Introduction to Politics:
  • Definition and scope of politics
  • Key political concepts: power, authority, legitimacy, democracy
  • The UK Political System
  • The constitution: sources, principles, and reforms
  • The structure and roles of Parliament
  • The Prime Minister and the Cabinet
  • The judiciary and the rule of law
Political Parties
  • Major political parties: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats
  • Party ideologies and policies
  • Party organization and leadership
  • Minor parties and their impact
Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour
  • Different electoral systems used in the UK
  • The impact of electoral systems on party success
  • Voter behaviour and trends
  • Recent election case studies
Pressure Groups and Political Participation
  • Types and functions of pressure groups
  • Methods used by pressure groups
  • Impact of pressure groups on policy-making
  • Political participation and engagement

Year 2 (Full A-Level): US Politics

The US Constitution and Federalism
  • The principles of the US Constitution
  • The structure and functions of federalism
  • Key constitutional amendments
The Federal Government
  • The structure and roles of Congress
  • The Presidency: powers and functions
  • The Supreme Court and judicial review
Political Parties and Elections
  • The main political parties: Democrats and Republicans
  • Party ideologies and platforms
  • The US electoral system and presidential elections
  • Recent election case studies
Civil Rights and Liberties
  • Key civil rights movements
  • The role of the Supreme Court in civil rights
  • Current issues in civil rights and liberties
Pressure Groups and Lobbying
  • Types and roles of pressure groups in the US
  • Methods and impact of lobbying
  • Case studies of significant pressure groups


Students will be assessed through essays, presentations, and end-of-term exams. Regular formative assessments, including quizzes and group discussions, will be used to monitor progress and provide feedback.


Core Textbooks: "UK Government and Politics" by Philip Lynch and "US Government and Politics" by Anthony J. Bennett.
Supplementary readings from academic journals, news articles, and political commentaries.
Access to online platforms and databases for additional resources and research.

Skills Development

  • Critical analysis of political systems and ideologies
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Research and essay writing skills
  • Debating and argumentation techniques


The AS-Level Politics course at Worthing College equips students to thoroughly understand political processes and institutions in the UK and the USA. It fosters analytical skills and critical thinking, preparing students for further education in politics, international relations, or related fields.



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