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UK International Study Worthing Courses ASLEVEL BiologyAS-Level Biology at Worthing College covers foundational concepts in biology, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of living organisms and their environmental interactions. The curriculum typically includes cell structure and function, biological molecules, enzymes, cell membranes, cell division, genetics, ecology, and evolution. Students also delve into more complex biological systems, including the nervous and endocrine systems and the principles of homeostasis. Practical laboratory work is integral, allowing students to develop essential scientific skills such as experimental design, data analysis, and critical thinking. Overall, the AS-Level Biology program at Worthing College aims to foster a deep appreciation for the natural world and prepare students for further study in biology or related fields.

* Please note that an AS Level is year one of a two-year A-Level course, during which you will achieve only one Level 3 qualification as an international student.

Worthing College is part of the Chichester College Group.


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