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A-Level Applied Psychology at Chichester College

 International study A-Level in Psychology UKUnlock the mysteries of the mind with A-Level Psychology at Chichester College.

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Course Overview:

The A-Level Applied Psychology course at Chichester College offers an in-depth exploration of psychological theories and their practical applications. This course is designed for students interested in understanding human behaviour, cognition, and mental processes. It emphasizes applied learning, enabling students to connect theoretical concepts with real-world situations.

Course Content:

The curriculum includes a variety of units that cover key psychological approaches, such as:

  • Social psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Biological psychology
  • Learning theories

Students will explore contemporary issues relevant to these approaches, such as aggression, mental health, and the impact of lifestyle choices on behaviour. The course also includes practical components where students conduct their psychological research projects, enhancing their understanding of research methodologies and data analysis.

Entry Requirements:

To enrol in the A-Level Applied Psychology course, students need:

A minimum of five GCSEs in grades 9-4 (A*-C), including English Language and Mathematics.


Assessment is conducted through a combination of internal and external evaluations. These include written exams, coursework, and practical examinations. Students will participate in group workshops, individual research projects, and practical demonstrations to showcase their understanding and application of psychological concepts.

Future Opportunities:

Graduates of this course can pursue higher education in psychology, criminology, law, and related fields. The skills and knowledge gained from this course provide a strong foundation for careers in mental health services, social work, counselling, and academic research.

Additional Information:

The course is taught by experienced faculty members using various teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, and guest speakers from psychology.
Students will also engage in work experience placements to gain practical insights into applying psychology in professional settings.

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