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Why Study English Language at A-Level?

Studying English Language at A-Level is not just about mastering grammar and vocabulary; it’s about exploring how language works in society. This course allows you to analyze and understand the dynamics of language use and how it shapes identity, influences persuasion, and reflects cultural and social changes. Delving into these aspects will enhance your critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills.

Course Structure

Our A-Level English Language course is structured to offer a comprehensive exploration of the language, including:

  • Language and the Individual:  Understand how language is used by individuals in various contexts, focusing on topics like personal identity, gender, and power.
  • Language Diversity and Change: Study the evolution of English, regional variations, and global influences on the language.
  • Language in Action:  Engage in creative and analytical writing tasks, exploring different genres and styles.
    Original Writing: Develop your writing style by creating texts for various audiences and purposes.

Learning Approach

At Worthing College, we believe in an engaging and interactive approach to learning. Our experienced faculty members employ diverse teaching methods, including:

  • Interactive Lessons:  Participate in discussions, debates, and presentations to enhance your understanding and use of language.
  • Textual Analysis:  Examine various texts, from literary works to media content, to understand how language operates in different contexts.
  • Research Projects:  Conduct in-depth research on linguistic topics of interest, fostering independent learning and critical analysis.
  • Workshops and Seminars:  Attend sessions focused on specific aspects of language study, providing a deeper insight into complex topics.


Assessment in A-Level English Language includes written exams, coursework, and practical projects. You will be evaluated on your ability to analyze language use, produce original written work, and understand linguistic theories and concepts.

Future Opportunities

An A-Level in English Language opens a wide range of opportunities. Whether you aim to pursue further studies in English, linguistics, communication, or related fields or wish to embark on a career in journalism, advertising, teaching, or public relations, the skills and knowledge you acquire will be invaluable.


Join us at Worthing College and explore the fascinating world of the English Language. Our A-Level course equips you with essential academic skills and prepares you for a future where effective communication is key. We look forward to supporting you on your linguistic journey and helping you achieve your goals.

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